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From creative projects and writings to transformational coaching and motivational speaking, Al Mauro has set himself apart from the crowd as a versatile artist, progressive idealist and innovator.  

A supporter of the arts community, Al is an award-winning filmmaker, director, actor, recording artist, singer/songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer for various experimental, avant-garde and mainstream projects.  

In addition, Al Mauro has been a passionate soul searcher, dedicated businessman and CEO, instructing innovative, holistic and mindful perspectives for companies, professionals and creators.

Over the past 25 years, Al has also developed a unique, mindset that fuses wellness, leadership skills, work/life balance and professional / personal restructuring he outlines in his upcoming book "The Mindful Professional" as well as offering educational lectures, programs and consulting. 

Today, Al is founder and CEO of Scarlett Monet, a boutique consulting and publishing company. 


Times Have Changed, The Heart Hasn't

I celebrate innovations and exploring new ways to make our personal and professional lives a more mindful, productive, and healthier place to be for whatever generation that exists during, before and after us. 

I believe this contributes to making the…

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A New Year, New You.

As the new year approaches, remember that you are your own best friend or worst enemy.  The image and attitude you direct within will reflect and build without.  In today's society, we view compassion, love and kindness as a kind…

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The Abuse of Social Media & Freedom Of Opinion

In America or other countries that value the freedom to do and say what one thinks or perceives, it's no surprise that there are those who also abuse such freedoms.  We in America cherish the right to a voice…

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Featuring The Singles "Don't Hold Back", "Nightmare", "What If" And "Scarlett Birthday" 

Studio Album Written & Produced By Al Mauro Featuring Guest Producers Jeff Lee & Gus Caveda (Erotic Exotic).

Available Now

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Released & Distributed By Scarlett Monet 


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