A New Year, New You.

As the new year approaches, remember that you are your own best friend or worst enemy.  The image and attitude you direct within will reflect and build without.  In today's society, we view compassion, love and kindness as a kind of crutch that seems to take away an individuals personal power as defined by a vast majority.  The various movements today do not seem to care about the individual unless you are sworn to a group or side and if you differ in perspective are ridiculed and mocked.  Civil discussions and considerate, poised, equal debates are the way to go if we are to break the mold and begin conducting ourselves with dignity while allowing it to others. 

So for this coming new year, I urge all of us to stand for a new movement, the one that listens, shares and dispels fact from fiction, evidence without opinion and just reasoning and less emotional attack.  In this, I feel is the solution to slowly bridge the gap of our divisions and begin to re build what empathy and understanding is as a power and force and nothing to be weak about.  This year, it is time for a change and it starts with you.

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